Hetnetpy (previously called hetio) is a Python 3 package for creating, querying, and operating on hetnets. This software provides convenient data structures for hetnets, as well as algorithms for edge prediction. It is specifically tailored and streamlined for hetnets compared to other more generic network software.

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Hetmatpy is a Python 3 package storing and operating on hetnets in matrix form. Representing the network in this way enables counting paths using matrix multiplication, which provides dramatically better performance compared to the equivalent hetnetpy or Neo4j implementations. Hetmatpy depends on hetnetpy for representing the metagraph (network schema), but is better-suited for certain large-scale computations.

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Xswap is a Python for creating randomized degree-preserving permutations of networks using the XSwap technique. Generating many permuted networks enables creationg null distributions for network metrics and computing the prior probability that an edge exists based on its source and target degree. The computation-intensive portions of the package are implemented in C/C++ to provide rapid permutation and significantly better performance than the legacy hetnetpy pure Python implementation.

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