Project Rephetio Metapaths

Below is a table of the 1,206 metapaths evaluated in Project Rephetio. Len. refers to number of metaedges composing the metapath. Δ AUROC and −log10(p) assess the performance of a metapath's DWPC in discriminating treatments from non-treatments (in the all-features stage). p assesses whether permutation affected AUROC. For reference, p = 0.05 corresponds to −log10(p) = 1.30. Note that several metapaths shown here provided little evidence that Δ AUROC ≠ 0 underscoring their poor ability to predict whether a compound treated a disease. Coef. reports a metapath's logistic regression coefficient. Metapaths removed in feature selection have missing coefficients whereas metapaths given zero-weight by the elastic net have coef. = 0.0.

Abbrev. Len. Δ AUROC −log10(p) Coef. Metapath

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Project Rephetio predictions are released under CC0 1.0.