Neo4j Browser

Neo4j is a third-party graph database that supports the Cypher language for querying and visualizing hetnets. Users can make advanced queries on Hetionet right away — without downloading anything — by using the public Neo4j browser app hosted here. The connectivity search above uses Neo4j for some of its real-time computations and queries. Neo4j also provides an API, which makes it possible for developers to create their own services/apps that query Hetionet.

Open the Neo4j browser


Hetionet is available in multiple machine-readable formats:

  • JSON .json (readable by hetnetpy)
  • tablular .tsv (alternative when JSON not possible/practical)
  • Neo4j .graph (for import into Neo4j)
  • matrix .npy .npz (readable by hetmatpy)

Users looking to perform more advanced queries and analyses not supported by the web apps above can use these datasets for local processing.

View the dataset on GitHub